I'm Now Running Nextcloud


Zog is now coping and seething

Nextcloud is a self-hosted alternative to the google or microsoft cloud ecosystem. You can store files, view and edit documents, and it even includes email and a calendar. So far I've been somewhat disappointed with the email client. It's somewhat slower than the webclient I normally use (for my email associated with this domain). The UI is also a bit less usable. But it's generally worth it not to have gmail on my phone. I'm not sure where the bottleneck is. If you use nextcloud and have no problems, let me know. I've also been unable to import ccontacts from google or my SoGo web client, so I'm considering just hosting calendar and contacts at home, and syncing it to my phone whenever I'm at home. Speaking of which, I recently got a Pinephone, which I'm haven't messed with much yet.