Friendship ENDED With LinkedIn


Today I finally closed my linkedin account. It was the only place left online that really had any info on me that wasn't on a platform I controlled.

The common wisdom is to have a presence on all major social media sites. Carefully posting content on each at regular intervals. You need to be exactly like everyone else, presenting an advertiser-friendly persona and giving your information to tech giants.

I reject this. Which is why I deleted linkedin, and stopped using other SM. It's unhealthy.

While my own site is bereft of content, I look forward to posting more in the future, since I no longer have a "professional" sanitized image to maintain. It is better to neglect the pleasure and regard of other people, while working on your own goals.

Speaking of goals, I've figured out how to surpass a major roadblock in my plans to republish old texts. I've now started work on St. Thomas' Meditations For Lent translated by Phillip Hughes. I can only find facsimiles from "publishers" like Forgotten Books. This will be a true reprint with all-new typesetting available at an affordable price. I will post some progress here until I have a refined final product I feel comfortable selling.